Engage virtual teams with WeQ.

Make your virtual team open-up, connect and communicate. Use WeQ to give feedback. 

Instead of installing surveillance software on employee’s laptops, investing in trust in your people.

Matt Mullenweg, founder of Wordpress

When your entire team starts working from home, anxiety in management around productivity may surge. That’s the sign of low trust in people. Managers might be tempted to deploy surveillance software on employee’s laptops. However it won’t help boost productivity in the long run. Leading companies like Twitter and Automattic practicing a mature distributed work for decades agrees that trust is the number one ingredient that yields high performance.

In a 2-hour virtual program, your team will enjoy: 

✔ A gamified group dynamic which leverages positive psychology and neuroscience principles
✔ A psychological safety allows the team to connect, get to know deeper and show vulnerability 
✔ Constructive feedback behaviors 


Starting from 700,- EUR (one team basis)

Follow-up program

Once teams experience the transformative impact of WeQ, they often wish to maintain their positive momentum.  WeQ provides various & repeatable game modules to form feedback habit. 

Already more than 100 corporate teams experienced WeQ!