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May 29st 9.00

We-Breakfast for 'People Professionals'

We-Breakfast for 'People Professionals' At A'DAM Tower

We-Breakfast for 'People Professionals' At A'DAM Tower

Next Breakfast
Januarly 31st 9.00
Theme- Psychological Safety


Business is all about people, people, and people.

Richard Branson

The We-Breakfast is a monthly knowledge-networking breakfast for 'People Professionals' who are interested in leveraging the latest science (neuroscience, biology, psychology, cognitive & behavioral science) to unleash the full potential of people and businesses. 

The event invites professionals with complementary disciplines & backgrounds, ranging from business owners to HR from agile coaches to scrum masters. We thrive to create a safe space for open discussion and peer-learning.  

Already we've hosted four events in 2019. We’re proud to share a few highlights which our guests enjoyed tremendously.  

We like science...

One of the most exciting aspects of the event is to participate in scientific experiments curated by the PLACES Model, the scientific principles behind the peak performance. (Learn more about the model here)

For instance, one Breakfast edition has a theme ‘Connection’: how we’re built to connect to others. Participants are invited to take part in thought-provoking experiments originally conceived by scientists at Berkeley University, such as touching other person’s forearms to communicate specific emotions. This kind of experiment sparks reflections and discussions! Further on, the organizer asks sharp questions to keep the conversation in a flow.

Get your hands dirty...

Learning shouldn’t end by talking, but it shall lead to doing new things. We’ll spare some time to create an opportunity to experience the WeQ Game system, the data-driven, science-backed facilitation process that dramatically opens up a team & makes them more communicative. What’s in it for you? WeQ could be a new toolkit in your coaching toolbox. Or it could be a secret weapon for the learning & engagement program in your company.

Enjoy the legendary morning view of Amsterdam…

Space matters for the experience. That’s why we partner up with A’DAM&Co to run the breakfast event on the top of A’DAM Tower. Hop on the pontje from CS and call the lift to the 18th floor. You'll discover the stunning view of Amsterdam.

Each event hosts up to only 10 participants.

Cost of admission is 25,- incl VAT. Scheduled events may be changed.

Agenda – Safety

1. What is Psychological Safety?
2. Manage by Fear
3. Communicate Failures
4. Build Psychological Safety

Agenda – Connection

1. How we're wired to connect?
2. Touch Experiment
3. Vocal Burst Experiment
4. Reflections & discussion

Agenda – Labeling (language)

1. The evolution of Language
2. Affect Labeling
3. Fundamental Attribution Error
4. Reflections & discussion


(58 participants)
It was an amazing experience. We had the opportunity to discuss Psychological Safety in the workplace. The panel composed of different people from different walks of life - from CEO to Scrum Master - gave different points of view for each discussion.
Really nice and intuitive meeting. Learned something about myself. Thank you!
That was awesome, ohyoon! I learned a lot and got inspired. There are only some very minor points of improvement that I can share if you are interested to hear.
Nice people and deep discussions about psychological safety.

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