Norming Round

Norming (a) - 50 mins

Quiz 4 - What is the shared goal of the team?
  1. A high performing team has a clear, specific shared goal.  
  2. An answer can consist of several words, max 40 characters. The result will be shown as a Word Cloud.
  3. Next round is to practice a develop group consensus.
WeQ Master Coach Admin Panel Present Slide Norming stage
The Ideal Profile. Able to deal with criticism in a group
  1. An activity for the entire group
  2. Imagine a scenario that team will hire a new member. Define a specific, realistic position for the new hire.
  3. The team should define the ideal profile of that person together.
  4. Build a rank of the characteristic profile by placing cards: Left= less desirable / Right = more desirable  
  5. Ask participants to think in terms of what they value, and also what the team needs.
  6. Coach put down one random card first (For a small group you may follow an alternative rule. See below)
  7. Player takes turn to put down the card (use the card that was not chosen from the Praise Round (C). They can put the card at any location in respect to existing card.
  8. Explain why in terms of what value you appreciate and what needs the team has.
  9. When a new card is inserted, someone in the group must object it, explore new propositions or ask questions about the given proposition.
  10. Avoid the group repeats same ideas. Avoid the one who receive an objection become defensive. Promote diverse perspective  
  11. The player who put down their card should listen to criticism, instead of being defensive. He/she may ask questions.
  12. Ramp up toward the Criticism round

*For a smaller group less than 5 participants they may continue several rounds to build an extended profile instead of stopping after one round.

*When the group is small, and when there are less number of cards laid down, participants may not express any objection. Let them continue laying down cards first for one round quickly. Then from the second round onward, coach should actively facilitate criticism.

WeQ Session Norming Round Team building

Norming (b) - 10 mins

Quiz 5 - An effective meeting requires certain behaviors. Rank which behaviors are most important, from top to bottom.
  1. Discuss principles of effective norms in team.
  2. High performing teams go through a “norming phase” to learn & define effective social norms for their own team.
  3. High performing team share several social norms:
  4. Equal turn-taking during conversations - encouraging peers to speak their ideas and thoughts.
  5. Provide safety, so assumptions can be challenged and questions can be asked freely.
  6. Listen to a diverse perspectives before make a decision.
  7. They personally respect each other, but challenge directly.
Result of the Quiz #5
‍Result of the Quiz #5

How to interpret a rank result:

Participants' responses are averaged to display a global ranking. Few items may hold a tied position as below diagram:

WeQ app ranker explained

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