Kick-ass team self-assessment

WeQ Kick-ass team self-assessment
Kick-ass team self-assessment PDF version

The Kick-ass team self assessment helps you drive conversation with your prospects. They can answer science-based questionnaires to identify the current team maturity. The assessment help your prospects recognize their own problem, so that it becomes easier for you to suggest solutions.

There are three version of the assessment: PDF file (EN/ NL/ FR) and online version. It’s up to you how you utilize these material in your sales process. Here’s a suggestion:

Case 1 - Drive sales conversation

Print out the PDF version to support your face-to-face sales conversation. On the back side of PDF, they can calcuate the score.

Download English assessment PDF

Download Dutch assessment PDF

Download French assessment PDF

Case 2 - Generate leads

Present the”Download PDF button” or "Take online test button" on your website. Capture their email address in order to receive the material.

If you're a Certified WeQ Master Coach, you can request a personalized version of a PDF including your contact details and QR code.

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