How to end a Long Session

Conclusions - 20 mins

Quiz 9 - Make the take-aways ‘concrete’
  • Let people express what new actions they will start after the session.
Quiz 10 - Evaluate the session (Rank the statement: Today I…)
  1. Let people report what happened to them during the session
  2. Safety; Feedback; Be aware of bias
Promote ‘WeTime’
  1. To maintain Reward State, team needs regular ‘WeTime’
  2. Work is structured and unsocial (You're expected to be 'professional' and ready to perform). Team's emotional and psychological needs are not actively addressed.
  3. Beer time is unstructured and social (loud guy gets louder, amplify unhealthy tendencies)
  4. We-Time is when the team gets together to practice positive guidance to one another.
  5. Ask if the team whether they agrees to run a follow-up session.

After a session: download reports

Download WeQ individual report
  1. Click the “Report” tap to download individual report in a PDF format.
WeQ App Download Team Report

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