What is WeQ?

A proven method for boosting the effectiveness of any team.

Who’s behind WeQ?

Ohyoon Kwon (founder), Scott Kennedy (business), August Dragt (trainer), Harikishore Sreenivasalu (technical) and a group of developers, advisors and investors

What is the WeQ methodology based on?

The methodology is synthesised based on latests neuroscience, cognitive behavioral psychology and linguistic principles into gamified mechanisms that accelerate a group to accelerate their norming.

I saw “WeQu” in online or a card game. What is it?

WeQu was the early beginning of WeQ. It was a personal profile card game more focused on personal development. But founder Ohyoon Kwon soon realized it was primarily being used by business managers to help teams “bond” faster. So the game evolved into a complete system, with cards, an app, and a certified facilitator.

What teams get the most benefits from a WeQ facilitated session?

A new team who’ve worked together at least 4 to 6 weeks has a more ideal state to apply WeQ. They have some basic knowledge about each other’s personalities, working habits, and character skills and they begin forming social norms.

If a team is just created, they may not feel comfortable enough - or have enough data - to offer constructive feedback. And if a team is too old, they may have already formed norms and habits that are difficult to change.

What problem does the WeQ facilitated session solve?

  • Accelerate forming productive social norms
  • Train mature group feedback skills
  • Nurture maximize positive tendencies for cooperation
  • Aware and minimize negative human tendencies  

How does WeQ compare to Insights, MBTI, or other ‘personality assessment’ tools?

WeQ is quite different from these tools. Personality assessments are focused on helping individuals become more aware of themselves. They are not designed to enhance collective intelligence. WeQ is a customized interactive group experience, with mechanisms to help the team as a whole, which involves shaping social norms and group dynamics.

Can WeQ be applied to a remote team (co-located team)?

Currently, the system can only be used only when all participants are present. We’re aware of the increasing need for remote teambuilding, and we are currently researching custom solutions that may address this problem.

How often should teams play a WeQ session?

It is highly recommended to have followup WeQ sessions every 4 - 6 months, to preserve the benefits of the session and leverage the momentum created by the previous session. Followwup sessions can be less time, and ideally can be scheduled to align within the team’s normal operation cycle.

Can anyone facilitate a WeQ session?

No. Only an official WeQ Certified Master Coach (CMC) can facilitate a WeQ Session. CMCs are qualified professionals who have:

  1. Established a track record in coaching, advising, and human capital management, and
  2. Are accepted into the WeQ certification training program

I’m a Certified Master Coach, can I improvise my session beyond guideline of the Master Coach’s Handbook?

We strongly advise you to stay close to the guidelines in order to ensure the quality and efficacy of the WeQ Facilitated Sessions. Of course depending on various customer demands (e.g duration of session, size of team etc.) coaches may need to adjust the format that accomodate the request. We’re interested in learning about diverse customer demands from you so we can continue improve our system.

My WeQ game materials (cubes, cards etc.) are damaged. Can I get a new one?

Yes. We are happy to provide necessarily replacement at a minimum cost.

My customers want to learn how to use WeQ system themselves. Is it possible?

Yes. You can recommend your contact to apply to become a Certified Master Coach. If they are accepted and become certified, you are entitled to a finder’s fee. See the section, Reward Program.

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