Praise Round

Praise (a) - 5 mins

Quiz 1 - Compliment frequency in the team
  1. Collect actual data in the last week (7 days) from this team.
  2. Reflect on the team’s current compliment practice.
  3. Follow the WeQ process; a built-in structure, designed to strengthen the collective intelligence of a team, so they are empowered to give proper guidance to each other.

Praise (b) - 10 mins

1st game activity
  1. Everyone opens the card (1) and take turns to read it loud.
  2. This card is your top quality selected based on the ranking from both you and your team.
  3. How do you feel? Receiving compliment is pleasant, even though it’s given by a machine (Research by Prof BJ Fogg, 1997, Stanford Uni. Human likes flattering by computer)
  4. Compliment & positive emotion is important to “open” you and "protect" you (positive psychology)
  5. Why don’t you give a personal compliment to your colleague?  

2nd game activity
  1. Designate one participant who takes the first turn.
  2. Now open the card below the middle one (2). Read two statements from Card (1) and (2) and choose the card you would like to give to your colleague on your right as a compliment.
  3. Read the chosen card out loud.
  4. Make sure two players have an eye contact when reading their compliments.
  5. They can add one statement (But don’t ask them to spend time explaining a lengthy reason)
  6. When a player receives the card, remind them to say “Thank you”. Sometimes receiving a compliment is difficult.
  7. Place the card received in under the card (1).

Praise (c) - 50 mins

3rd game activity
  • Master Coach: Go to ‘Play cards’ tab and press the ‘Start’ button. Participants’ phone will start a game session following the order below:

… how to make a choice

  1. Everyone opens two cards (3 & 4).
  2. Use the app to choose the card which suits them better.
  3. Select the confidence level of their choice.
  4. When the players complete self-voting, they will take turns to vote for other people.
  5. Players should finish the voting in 1 minute.

… how to guide a conversation

  1. Each turn spends approx. 5 minutes.
  2. Player A must choose 2 feedback givers.
  3. Feedback givers must say “why”, and must deliver a concrete example.
  4. Ask “trigger questions” to deepen the conversation.
  5. Which Quality of xxx is easy to come up with a concrete example?
  6. Can you explain to xxx, how you appreciated the chosen Qualities?
  7. Can you explain to xxx, what impact of this Quality to you?

… prevent the conversation from falling off the track if…

  • Feedback giver talks about not a positive aspect of the cards. e.g. “I had to choose this card not because you are good at this but because you really do not have the quality of the other card. So this one is better”

TIP - Run a Praise Contest

You can run a 'Praise Contest' during the 3rd game round.

  • End of the round, each participant will vote 'best compliment giver' during the round (A player can't vote oneself)
  • Offer a small prize to the winner 
  • This contest makes the game experience extra exciting

Praise (d) - 5 mins

Quiz 3 - Who gave a best compliment?
  1. Discuss the criteria of good compliments.
  2. Discuss examples of bad compliment; feedback sandwich, manipulation…
  3. Discuss the value of compliment; reinforce right direction, +motivation, +relationship, +trust, +energy

*If participants select themselves as a 'best compliment giver', they will be confronted with 'ego-centric' behaviour. And they will be guided to choose someone else.

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