Combat remote isolation together with WeQ.

As employees working alone from home, safeguard them from feeling disconnected. WeQ offers a tool that upgrades your virtual meetings to elicit high-quality connections.

Remote work goes wrong when loneliness creeps in.

Loneliness is the number 1 struggle of remotes team next to communication/ collaboration (buffer, 2020). It’s not just bad for health (as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes in a day!) but also bad for business. When people feel lonely they are less committed and less approachable. As you stop reaching out, and you become more isolated. You're in a downward spiral. There's a 78% higher chance that they get lower performance ratings that those who're well connected.

"That's why we do virtual hangouts..."  

Science tells happy hours and game nights aren't an effective remedy against loneliness, because they tend to talk about things that they already know: work.    

To create high-quality connections, teams need a safe space to share stories outside of their work content. Authentic stories connect people, and it starts by asking good questions.   WeQ is a virtual session that brings the entire team together. It instantly creates a psychological safety that makes them get to know their team members behind the job. WeQ is doing just that.

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