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Do you know an amazing coach or trainer?
We are looking for experienced coaches in the Amsterdam area to help give our feedback sessions. If someone you suggest ends up joining, we will give you BOTH a 100€ gift card at Bol.com.*

* Limit 5 per person. But you may suggest as many coaches as you like.



Suggested text you can add:

Hey [friend, colleague],
This Amsterdam consulting company is looking for experienced coaches, so I thought you might be interested. If you are, this referral gets us both 100€ gift card :)


Each time a referral of yours becomes certified, they will send you a 100€ gift card at Bol.com.

Someone thinks you're a great coach.
We need a few qualified coaches who are eager to expand their business in Amsterdam by giving our ½ day workshops.
Download the info pack to see if certification is right for you.
Share who referred you, and you BOTH receive a 100€ gift card to Bol.com
The number of certified coaches in The Netherlands is limited, so be sure to apply soon.