Xebia Announces a Strategic Partnership with WeQ

December 12, 2018

It's no secret that success in business requires a highly trusting, highly communicative, highly empathetic team. But getting a team to “bond” is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s business climate, because teams are far more diverse, must form faster, must be more agile and innovative, and must handle far more uncertainty than ever before.

It’s a big problem. But an even bigger opportunity.

The same advances in business processes and technologies driving our dynamic business climate can be applied to teams - our most valuable (and most expensive) assets.

Xebia, the first company introducing Agile practice to the Netherlands, has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to transforming companies with the latest processes and technologies. Their adoption of a promising new team-improvement system continues in that tradition.

A team of consultants at Xebia have partnered with WeQ to develop a new form of “team building” that uses proven neuroscience and a data-driven mobile app to accelerate and monitor the important process of bonding in any team.

The WeQ system leverages established group processes and “gamified procedures” that empower a team to tackle three key fundamental bottlenecks to become a truly successful team: a lack of safety, poor feedback practice, and cognitive bias.

The partnership underscores the growing demand for faster, more effective team improvement techniques, and the system has already gained momentum with innovative companies like Heineken, Philips, ING, TomTom, Ingenico, and KPN.



Ohyoon Kwon
Ohyoon Kwon is the Founder of WeQ. His background in design thinking has led him to explore the intersection between gamification and building high-performance teams. Ohyoon is passionate about creating amazing user experiences and bringing teams closer together.

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