WeQ in Practice: Marion Soons Supercharges the Team at Magnus Consulting

December 12, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Marion Soons, a highly-experienced management coach at GortCoaching, at the WeQ workshop and decided that we had to get an interview with her for our wonderful readers. Marion was really interested in the gamification approach to team development that WeQ took and came along to the workshop to find out more. It turned out we had a lot to learn from each other! Marion decided to use the WeQ gamified feedback game with one of her clients, Magnus Consulting, and she recounts her experience here.

Hey Marion! We loved meeting you at our workshop recently. What made you decide to come along?

While designing my 2-day program for a group of consultants, I was immediately amazed by the possibilities the game of WeQ offers. Especially to encourage (self)-reflection, opening up to each other and giving feedback to colleagues in a safe space; I thought this would be a nice way to start the intense reflection days and wanted to find out more.

How did your program with them go?

The team members I was working with, is a group of highly intelligent senior business consultants from Magnus. They already knew each other quite well and didn't need a lot of time to feel comfortable and trusted with each other. So we ended up using the WeQ game as a tool to explore and reflect upon personal qualities, goals, irritations, values and learning points with each other.

We used 'the hand exercise' to start the game and it quickly developed into quite a revealing afternoon as we got deeper into the WeQ game. Because colleagues always had to choose between 2 possible cards, it was necessarily to open up about experiences or ideas about the person involved. Different or even surprising choices brought up interesting discussions about varying opinions and premises.

What did your client expect from this team development session?

The team was specifically looking to consolidate their self-awareness and wanted to trust being able to give feedback and their view on situations in a constructive & honest way. They wanted to be more familiar with pointing out borders and restrictions, to stay healthy and happy and of course, to stay effective and successful as a team in the long term.

How did you use WeQ during the program with Magnus Consulting?

The team members had the opportunity to use the app coming with the WeQ game. So they were able to create a personal profile and could invite colleagues to give feedback about their personal character. They were able to create a 360 degree feedback profile in this way. Differences and gaps between people’s perceptions were very interesting to talk about and reflect upon in the group sessions. We will come to that in the next follow-up session.

What was the outcome of your session with them?

The outcome of the WeQ game was to create a nice, relaxed way of starting this intense 2-day program and brought up a creative and joyful opportunity to give feedback to each other. It helped me, as their coach, understand background information about the team’s feedback culture, group communication channels and the way they ask questions.

What’s the next step for you with Magnus Consulting?

We’ve already set up colleague consultation sessions so we can discuss more profound personal development issues and create ways to work together for even more successful outcomes.

In an upcoming post, Marion will talk about how she presents a visualisation of her client team’s character skills based on the participants’ inputs from the WeQ app. This will be used to steer a reflection on their qualities and spots concrete areas for development. Stay tuned for her next post!

About Marion

Marion Soons is the team management coach at GortCoaching. Marion’s expertise lies in Organizational Human Behavior and she loves finding creative ways to facilitate teamwork and effective conversation. She likes to integrate reflection exercises with an element of fun into her program to keep the process enjoyable and valuable for participants. Marion believes strongly in taking an Appreciative Inquiry approach to team development and bases her successful methodology on the idea that the strengths and goals of individuals within a team will drive positive results and long-term change for the company at large.



Marion Soons
Marion Soon advises and guides companies who want to nurture leadership, management and working skills within their teams. She works at GortCoaching and also running her practice at Organizational Human Behavior.

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