WeQ Master Coach Interview Series - Elizabeth Mucklow

December 12, 2018

WeQ is very fortunate to work with our amazing Master Coaches and we want to shed light on their personalities, motives and messages to world. Elizabeth Mucklow kicks off the Master Coach Interview Series.

Hi Elizabeth! can you briefly introduce yourself to our audience?

Hi everyone. I'm 26 years old, live in Amsterdam, I have a  background in social psychology. Currently I’m working as a (team) coach at Aarini Consulting, personal trainer and dance instructor. I believe that strong a positive mind goes hand in hand with a strong and healthy body. That’s why I’m passionate to coach people both mentally and physically.

What drives you most as a coach?

What drives me the most is changing people's mindset. To train and teach them in how to think positively about themselves and the world around them. Everything comes from your perspective in how you perceive the world around you. Thinking negatively is easy, but when you actively start training your mind to think positively, your life will change. Remember: words become thoughts, thoughts become action. So choose your words wisely in your head.

This all comes from my own life experience. I’ve spent most of my life in feeling down and thinking negative about myself and life in general. Until I had enough and started educating myself about the human mind and how you can change your life by just shifting your mindset. It wasn’t easy, it took me a lot of time and it is still a challenge. I feel different, I look at life and the world around me differently and my life is more fun this way. This experience and knowledge that comes with it drives me to pass on to others.

Your life will change when you start training your mind and body to behave positively, your life will change.

What wisdom did you learn from your experience?  

Since words become thoughts and thoughts become action, you as a human being shape your own reality based on those thoughts and beliefs. That’s basically what we do everyday. If we start to understand that we control how we think everyday, and choose to think positively instead of negatively it drastically changes our perspective. It is certainly not easy and it takes a lot of practise. It's basically an exercise for your brain.

... words become thoughts and thoughts become action, you shape your own reality based on those thoughts and beliefs.

For instance, when you get up, look in the mirror and say “I can do this. I am healthy. I am strong, I look good...”. It sounds and feels silly at first, but as long as you keep repeating this everyday,  If you speak out or write down positive affirmations everyday, it shapes your brain into thinking differently than you did before. You start making decisions based on different thoughts and beliefs.  

Why did you become a WeQ Coach?

I have never seen anything like WeQ which can instantly create a positive impact on a group dynamic. A whole group can get a positive energy and productive dynamic through the WeQ gamified experience. It was a real eye-opener. It actually confirmed that positive words shape our reality.  Through WeQ, I can effectively apply it in a group.

As a team coach, I know I must put more emphasis on positivity. Some teams may feel strong already however they often miss one important thing, a radical openness. Teams failed to get alignment because individual members live in the islands of assumptions about each other, and they don’t communicate about it openly.

With WeQ, the whole team can open up and and start an honest conversation. It creates a safe space where people can offer feedback and learn from each other.

WeQ instantly creates a positive impact on a group dynamic.

WeQ  actually makes coaching easier. Because it is fun, people enjoy doing WeQ because it makes them laugh and it is exciting like a real game. This factor plays a huge roll in the teambuilding system, because people open up more easily. They are relaxed. WeQ speaks for itself. My role during WeQ is to make sure people express themselves more, and to make sure everyone including the introverted people can share their thoughts. Whenever there is time for it, WeQ adds some more psychological insights to deepen the conversations.

Now it's time to invest in employees’ happiness and positivity in team. We exactly know how to do this now.

I found that it’s very pity that when people say that business comes first, not people. However, research shows that companies that put people first are the ones more likely to succeed. Spotify, Netflix and Google are great example. They focus on “soft skills” of teams in order to get things done more effectively. But the truth is a majority of companies have not experienced the value of positive psychology yet. I think that’s why we see more than 80% of employees are not engaged at work and the number of burn-out is growing each year. Now it's time to invest in employees’ happiness and positivity in team. We exactly know how to do this now.

Thank you Elizabeth.

Do you know someone who might be interested in becoming a WeQ Coach like Elizabeth? Learn more about the WeQ certification training course.



Ohyoon Kwon
Ohyoon Kwon is the Founder of WeQ. His background in design thinking has led him to explore the intersection between gamification and building high-performance teams. Ohyoon is passionate about creating amazing user experiences and bringing teams closer together.

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