The Top 10 “Icebreakers” for Speedy Work Bonding

December 12, 2018

As the business world continues to embrace advanced team building methodologies like WeQ, there is one major hurdle that every team member has to deal with at some point: Every team starts out as a group of strangers. This is a problem, because there are deeply embedded behavioral forces that prevent us from working together with strangers. We have evolved to be skeptical with the unfamiliar.  We are less comfortable and less communicative with those we don’t yet trust. It makes sense; but it can be counterproductive in a modern workplace. Especially now that teams are more culturally diverse and must form faster than ever before.

To help combat this, our WeQ Master Coaches have compiled a “countdown” of the 10 most popular icebreaker questions that their teams used when getting to know people for the first time. It sounds a bit weird, but using “cheat sheets” like this can really help accelerate the process of bonding, so you can get past the awkward dating stage and get into the “kick-ass” phase faster.

BONUS: Since the holidays are near, you may want to keep this nearby for your various social gatherings as well!

Top 10 Icebreakers for Corporate Teams



Sophie de Bruijn

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