Sprichst du Deutsch? Ja!

May 16, 2019

I’ve been longing for this moment: the time when German speaking teams play WeQ to boost their communication skills, sense of belonging and psychological safety.

Germans have been deeply interested in crisply describing our fuzzy feelings and perceptions with the right words that would require a full paragraph in other languages. Here is a handful of those German words.  

They are funny and useful hé?

However, as erklärungsnot implies, words alone can’t fully describe our feelings and thoughts. Crisp and effective communication is achievable when language accompanies the right non-verbal communication and behavioural cues.

Great teams is not a master of language but the master of behaviours: gestures, eye-contacts, and touch play critical roles in building safety, trust and a sense of belonging in the team. And that’s exactly what the team at Teamazing GmbH experienced during the inaugural WeQ Feedback Session in German facilitated by our Master Coach Trainer Philipp Horwath.

I look forward to seeing more German speaking teams enjoying WeQ Sessions. So they can finally reach their expectation for accurate communication, high performance and team-bonding! Perhaps, in return, they might invent a new-German-compound-word which exactly pinpoints the experience of WeQ Session :-)

Sprichst du auch Deutsch? Join our official launching workshop in June 25th in Graz, Austria at Agile-Austria Conference 2019.  Bis später!



Ohyoon Kwon
Ohyoon Kwon is the Founder of WeQ. His background in design thinking has led him to explore the intersection between gamification and building high-performance teams. Ohyoon is passionate about creating amazing user experiences and bringing teams closer together.

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