Power Your Coaching With WeQ

December 12, 2018
Gort Coaching, the top coaching company in the Netherlands backs WeQ because Gort believes that together we can make more teams be smarter. 

Gort Coaching and WeQ invites coaches to learn about WeQu®, a new, gamified feedback methodology currently picked up by leading companies such as TomTom. The WeQ game mechanics guide professionals to engage wth key feedback techniques and kickstart a positive, honest and playful conversation between two people or an entire team. This simple card game and an app could be your go-to toolkit for your coaching practice.

Location: TQ, Singel 542 Amsterdam

Time: 16.00-18.00, 4th July, Tuesday

Please RSVP to attend.



Ohyoon Kwon
Ohyoon Kwon is the Founder of WeQ. His background in design thinking has led him to explore the intersection between gamification and building high-performance teams. Ohyoon is passionate about creating amazing user experiences and bringing teams closer together.

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