Can Digital Tools Induce the Sense of Trust To a Virtual Team?

November 11, 2019

Imagine: SW developers in Tel Aviv, UX wizards in Amsterdam collaborating with a customer in Paris. The best talents around the world formed the team. What is still hindering the team from reaching their peak performance?

Virtual is the reality for workplace teams. Software tools like Slack, Jira, Google docs, Trello enable co-located teams to stay connected 24/7. As data becomes the company's core asset, inevitably, the work is also happening in the digital environment.

Although work is done digitally, human beings are made up of flesh and blood, not bits and codes. What happens to the team when they can't meet physically?

People who work on remote teams face challenges that hinder them from reaching peak performance. Communication gets muddled if teams never meet face to face, trust and collaboration suffer when workers are soiled.

We're 'ultrasocial' and wired to connect. The digital tools augment our instinct, expanding our need of connectivity beyond the physical boundaries.

Researchers studying the biology of human connection have demonstrated that psychical interactions such as touch, gesture and eye contacts have a profound impact on building trust, safety and cooperation. So the question is how we can leverage digital tools to close the gap of social connection in virtual teams?

The eye tracking movement when looking at another person.

Eye contact is a potent trigger of oxytocin. However, a video conference experience hardly allows participants to maintain eye contact.

That's the topic we want to focus on next We-Breakfast. We especially invite professionals who've experienced in the connectivity challenge in virtual teams. We want to discuss the following questions:

We'll touch upon the science of social connection — how touch, eye contact and gestures promote trust and collaboration in a group. We like to experience it. Breakfast guests will participate in brain experiments which will refresh their sense of social connection. Then we'll open up a space for reflection and discussion.

Reserve your seat We-Breakfast on the 25th October at the 18th floor of A'DAM Tower. Seats are limited to 10 participants only.

There a secret perk: We've upgraded WeQ again. Now virtual teams can enjoy open & safe conversations enabled by the WeQ's data-driven game mechanisms. Come up to the top of A'DAM Tower and discover what's possible for today's virtual teams to perform at their peak.



Ohyoon Kwon
Ohyoon Kwon is the Founder of WeQ. His background in design thinking has led him to explore the intersection between gamification and building high-performance teams. Ohyoon is passionate about creating amazing user experiences and bringing teams closer together.

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