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Director of Training

North America

Help us expand our popular corporate feedback sessions by recruiting and training coaches in your city


Do you enjoy being part of the newest innovations in the market?

Do you want to focus on doing something meaningful?

Do you want to be a part of a growing company from the very beginning?

Our client are industry leaders like Philips, Heineken, TomTom, Atlassian and Douwe Egberts. They love WeQ because they recognize that the most important thing about any company is their TEAMS. In order to be "kick-ass", a team needs to build trust, empathy, communication, and engagement. But it's getting harder for teams to "bond" because the workforce is more freelance, more diverse, more remote, and must form and innovate much faster.  

That's why we made WeQ.

WeQ boosts the performance of teams by giving them a safe environment to exchange constructive feedback. Companies need proven ways to build stronger teams fast. And YOU can be the person who offers them a solution.

WeQ is searching for the right candidate to join our growing team: A self-motivated trainer/coach, with experience facilitating workshops at large companies. Someone who can recruit and certify other coaches on WeQ, and build a team of coaches to cover their region. Someone ready to sell. We empower you with all the tools and training necessary. Since we're still just a startup, you should be flexible, and "hands-on": ready to help develop whatever we need to develop as we grow together.

You will be working from wherever you like, and reporting directly to the CEO. Your primary task will be to co-develop and execute your own strategy (pipeline) to find, train, and motivate coaches to give WeQ sessions.  


WeQ began as research project by our founder Ohyoon Kwon. He realized that the best way to boost the performance of a team was to increase their "collective intelligence", by exchanging feedback in a controlled and safe environment. Our general intelligence (IQ) and our emotional intelligence (EQ) are important. But this "team intelligence" is what we call "WeQ".  

Ohyoon joined our technician Hari and CEO Scott to create this session, and we are now expanding it to the US market.


There are no "hard" requirements; only that you are positive, enthusiastic, persistent, and passionate about building great teams.

Here are the kinds of things we like to see:

- Positive attitude

- Coaching and training experience

- Sales experience

- Great verbal and written communication skills

- A good listener

- Experience in the corporate consulting area.

- Experience with startups


- Stock option plan

- Generous commissions

- Flexible work schedule

- The opportunity to be your own boss

Interested? Drop a line with your CV to scott@weq.io

WeQ HQ picture in AmsterdamWeQ HQ picture in Amsterdam