Improve communication and empathy – the building blocks of forging connections.  

Packed with features that enable a distributed team to make feedback choices with their smartphones and show the results instantly.

I can activate a positive, empathetic communication in a team – even when trust is at rock bottom.

- Bart Bouwers, Xebia

'We-Time' – a structured but social space where a group can communicate uncomfortable feelings in constructive ways.

The science is clear: your team is most effective when they feel connected and aligned with one another. This bonding doesn’t happen automatically during unstructured social time. And it won’t happen during highly structured work time. That’s why high performing teams set aside specific “We-time” – for sharing excitement and disappointment. Praise and criticism. Aspirations and fears. WeQ derived our science-based methodology from proven behavioral principles, and imbedded these mechanisms into a simple but effective data-driven ‘game’ that can be applied to any team.

Cards and app, the blended experience.

Eye contact. Gestures. Touch. These are just some of the potent triggers that induce oxytocin, the ‘trust hormone’.  The WeQ personality cards and mobile app experience will activate powerful interactions that stimulate the cognitive function of the social brain.

Data-driven, customized conversation content.

Using the mobile app, each player anonymously ranks qualities about themselves and their teammates. Based on this input, the WeQ algorithm selects each player’s personality cards. It guides the team to address the most relevant interpersonal issues during the play.

Harness the power of positive psychology.

Tap into over a hundred unique cards describing positive aspects of personality and character skills. Each card contains a concrete, positive behavioral statement used as an opening sentence, each time a player takes a turn. The mechanism dramatically reduces negativity bias and increases the chance of communicating positive experiences.

Intelligent turn-taking.

Equal turn-taking is a prime behavior found in every high-performing team. But this behavior does not happen naturally. That's why WeQ's mobile app helps the group form healthy habits, encouraging the team to value listening, and value a diversity of opinions and ideas. With WeQ, introverts and extroverts have an equal opportunity to speak up.

Interactive quiz.

The ‘interactive quiz’ functionality taps into the implicit learning capability, challenging the mindset about the group's communication habits.

Baseline Survey.

Each session measures the group dynamics in terms of psychological safety, feedback and social norms. Results are collected and presented to the group, to identify and discuss the baseline levels of collective intelligence in critical areas.