WeQ® Certified Master Coach

Teams fall into a flaws that block them

1. We overestimate rather than underestimate risk.

2. Hierarch in the organisation. We’re wired to be sensitive to power, and work to avoid being seen as deficient by those in power.

3. Avoid conflicts

4. Judegemental environment

5. Harmful feedback. flattering, blaming and defending

6. Stay silence and let the loudest voice in the office speaks all the time unless you’re sure that you’re absolutely right.

7. People are terrible at estimating their ability. Greatly misestimated own performance and ability

Smart teams show...

1. A Play that establishes Psychological Safety
Express the work-relevant thoughts and feelings on your mind without self-censorship

2. Respect & Trust. Stay humble and curious to learn from others
Respect diverse values and character traits

3. Identify the gaps and get accurate information about your current abilities

4. Admit failures and learn from it

5. Be able to deal with criticisms
If you would like to use WeQ regularly, as a part of your essential toolkit, and you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the WeQ methodology of team performance, you can apply to our special training course.

If you qualify, you can become a WeQ Certified Master Coach (WeCMC) in just 2 days.
Certification is recommended for anyone who wants to use WeQ to measure, improve and track the performance of teams. You’ll receive all the knowledge and materials you need to be able to facilitate your own WeQ sessions. Master Coaches will learn the research behind the methodology, gain knowledge of how to implement the technique for maximum effectiveness, and will even conduct a complete practice session.
Perfect for

✔ In-house Scrum coaches
✔ Training professionals 
✔ External consultants
Once you pass the test, you will be awarded a certificate signed by your trainer and by WeQ founder Ohyoon Kwon. You will also be able to use the “WeQ Certified Master Coach” logo for your website, LinkedIn, and other materials. You will then be enrolled in our special Master Coach Community, and you have the option of being listed on our partner webpage. You will also receive slides and resources you need to start facilitating WeQ team sessions. And finally, you will qualify for the special WeCMC prices on all WeQ packages, updates and events.

Training Outline


✔ Origin, theory and mission of the WeQ methodology
✔ How the game is played
✔ Exercises on how to guide sessions
✔ Interpreting results
✔ Generating and understanding reports
✔ Case studies with practical application
✔ Lunch


✔ We will tailor aspects of the course to your particular needs and can use presentations, discussion, practical exercises and games to facilitate learning.
✔ Guided mastery session with test subjects.
✔ Feedback

What You Receive

✔ A signed certificate from founder Ohyoon Kwon.
✔ Use of the WeQ CMC Logo (subject to terms and conditions).
✔ Access and listing on the WeQ partner website.A free, complete WeQ system, including boardgame and licensing for Mobile App
✔ Marketing materials and corporate leads.
✔ Discounts on additional materials and systems.

Why Become a WeQ Certified Master Coach?

By studying and applying WeQ methodology, and having access to the network of WeQ professionals, this certification is an investment in your future, and shows your commitment to building stronger, more effective, happier teams.

WeQ is more than just a game. It’s a new framework for understanding the root issues that prevent teams from operating at peak effectiveness.

You’ll learn practical skills in leadership, communication, and collective intelligence. How to identify issues, generate actionable reports, and measure team progress through charts.


The complete, one-on-one training and certification costs 995,-. If you do not pass the training, you will be reimbursed the application fee, minus $150 fee to cover expenses. If you would like financial assistance covering this fee, WeQ offers special ‘no risk’ financing, where we will advance most of the cost up front, and then collect this amount plus interest from the first payment you receive from your first WeQ session.

What Now?

Taking the first step is easy: Just fill out the form below, and schedule a time for the course!  Invest in your future and start helping teams perform at their very best!
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The Certification Process


Let us know you’re interested in becoming WeQ CMC. We will get back to you within 2 days.
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Sign up one of upcoming training program. 

Training Day 1

You will learn origin, theory and mission of the WeQ methodology. Exercises on how to guide sessions. Interpreting results
Generating and understanding reports

Training Day 2

We will tailor aspects of the course to your particular needs and can use presentations, discussion, practical exercises and games to facilitate learning. Guided mastery session with test subjects.

Get Certified!

Is the course fee not affordable for you? No worries!

✔ Ask for WeQ financial assistance 
Any Team Can Take
The Two Steps
Two steps team development graph

Average Team

I don't know my teammates well
Avoid difficult conversations
Afraid of giving & getting feedback


    I get to know my teammates better
    Activate compliments with examples
    Gain trust


      My teammates know me as much as I know myself
      Gain resilience to deal with criticisms
      Deepen trust

        Join the Community

        Maarten Thissen
        Den Haag
        Speciality Icon
        Facilitate learning & decision making in teams
        Speciality Icon
        Session Length
        4 hrs.
        Speciality Icon
        Corporates, education institutes
        Speciality Icon

        Bettina Vrielink
        Speciality Icon
        Creating your success, Insight Discovery practitioner
        Speciality Icon
        Session length
        4 hrs.
        Speciality Icon
        Speciality Icon

        Ralf Fleuren
        Speciality Icon
        The Bliqsem Teamtraining teaches team members to identify each others strengths and make optimal use of it. A fast way to improve co-operation and communication in a team in any stage.
        Speciality Icon
        Session length
        180 minutes - 3 hours
        Speciality Icon
        Government, education and healthcare industry.
        Scott Kennedy
        Speciality Icon
        Intro WeQ session
        Speciality Icon
        Session length
        1 hr.
        Speciality Icon

        All teams, potential certified consultants

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