Supercharge your professional relationships by adding WeQ to a few of your video meetings.

WeQ sparks positive feedback conversation in the team, inspired by the individuals' strengths and behaviors. And it's super fun!

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Did your last virtual company party work?

Employees feel lonely during virtual happy hours. Without a proper social mechanism, conversations stay superficial. Extroverts get louder and introverts stay silent. A virtual company party isn't a remedy against workplace loneliness, the #1 struggle of the remote team (Buffer, 2021).

WeQ has reverse-engineered the secret of high-quality connection.

Science shed a light on the key ingredients of connection. They are asking open questions, revealing oneself, discovering uncommon commonality, and equal turn-taking in conversation. WeQ Session embodies them all, delivered by the add-on software & certified coach.

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"I believed there should be a better way of doing feedback. Unfortunately, feedback scares people off, so they avoid it. Surprisingly, during our WeQ Session, I experienced the opposite: it opens us up, changes the dynamics thanks to the mechanisms embedded in the WeQ tool"

Bernie Pinnola, Agile Lead at ING

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"Comparing to other training, WeQ Session is a nice opposite. It's not about business but about strengthening relationships. It's a fun experience talking about positive examples of your colleagues. The personality bit and gamification elements make a big difference"

Iris van der Ven, HR Business Partner at IQEQ

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Add WeQ to your video meetings


WeQ Reignite Session

✅ 1 hour, bite-size session that reignites your connection with your colleagues
✅ Facilitated by WeQ Certified Coach


WeQ Feedback Session

✅ 2.5 hour extended session that activates constructive feedback
✅ Configurabe the session depending on the team's maturity
✅ Facilitated by WeQ Certified Coach

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Join the movement.

Get involved in one of our events or trainings.